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Come, Stay, and Play at our Adirondack Resort!

When you go on vacation, you don’t want to put your pet in just any kennel. You want the peace of mind that your pet has accessible veterinary care while you are away. And, you want your pets to go on vacation too!

Our boarding facility was designed with the unique needs of cats and dogs in mind. In addition to providing comfort, we focus on ensuring all of our guests are mentally, physically, and emotionally stimulated while they stay with us.

Everything we do for our boarding clients is to optimize their comfort and is based on shelter medicine research. 

We offer several options for accommodation. They include:

The Lodge: The ultimate space for your dog’s vacation. A 6ft. x 9ft. room with windows looking into a huge outdoor play area, sunbeams, and comfortable bedding. It is large enough for most dog families to stay together.

Deluxe Cabin: A huge 4ft. x 10ft. kennel separated by a door in the middle. This allows for the “suite life” while you’re away. Dogs can choose to hang out on either size and use the other side for the bathroom, living room, or dining room.

Cabin: A 4ft. x 5ft. kennel perfect for short stays for small- to large-breed dogs.

Cottages: A 3ft. x 4ft. housing that is separate from the larger dog room. This allows your smaller friends a quieter environment housed near dogs of a similar size.  

Luxury Cat Suites: We didn’t forget about the cats. We have huge cat suites and a custom-made cat wall for your adventurous kitty to play on while you’re away. The luxury cat suites have a separate litter room, so they don’t have to lay close to their litter. They also have two separate perches where they can hang out. If you are renting the suites for several cats, two suites can be connected so your cats can be together while you’re apart. 

What to expect for your pet’s boarding reservation: 

  • Upon check-in, your dog will be allowed to run free in one of our daycare or outdoor areas for a short period of time. This allows your dog to acclimate to their vacation settings before being shown their housing.
  • For dogs staying longer than 3 nights (4 days), we REQUIRE that medium- to giant-breed dogs stay in one of our deluxe cabins or a lodge. This helps alleviate stress in your dogs by giving them an extra area to hang out/eliminate if necessary, and/or choose where they want to sleep.
  • If your small breed dog needs to stay over 7 nights, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND larger accommodations. This design has been proven to reduce stress in dogs in long-term boarding situations.
  • Our housing is designed so that dogs won’t be able to see another dog on their level, which keeps your dog calmer if the dog “across the way” is intimidating.
  • Dogs are taken out at least three times daily for bathroom breaks.
  • Cats are allowed access to the climbing wall and views to the outside.
  • We have a la carte options for purchase where you can create the perfect vacation tailored specifically to your pet’s individual needs.

For packages involving a doctor evaluation, please provide a contact number and if you have any financial concerns regarding any additional diagnostics that the doctors may want to perform on your pet. If we can’t reach you, we will provide you a written estimate when you pick your pet up and a detailed discharge summary.

For more information or to book your pet’s stay, give us a call at 518-346-3467.