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Nicole Blanchette

Nicole Blanchette

Nicole Blanchette


I grew up in a small town in the heart of the Adirondack mountains. I attended SUNY Geneseo and received a degree in biology. Then I attended Ross University on the island of St. Kitts for my veterinary degree. I completed my senior year at ECFVG at Oklahoma State University. 

Since graduating, I have working in various aspects of veterinary medicine. In my off time, I enjoy hiking and kayaking. I enjoy exploring the Adirondacks and most recently the Catskill mountains. I have completed a few of the patch challenges for hiking, and now I am working on the Adirondack Quest Challenge. I am also taking a few courses in photography. 

I share my home with two cats, Kitty-Kitty and Clawed “G” Giroux (don’t tell him I’m a Penguins fan). Oh and I love hockey.