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Veterinary Technician

VET TECH WANTED: Get paid $$$ to try us out. No strings attached. Confidentiality guaranteed.

So it turns out that “dream job” wasn’t so dreamy because the work/life balance they talked about wasn’t at all as advertised. Maybe the mentoring you were promised and opportunities to learn didn’t materialize, or you’re tired of dealing with stressed out, toxic co-workers.

It’s great that you’re looking for something different, but all these ads read the same—and a new position could be big on promises but different in reality. You don’t want to leave your current practice and find out that new practice that looked great on paper is a dumpster fire in real life, right?

If you are ready to settle into the right practice—a place where you can grow, learn, and be fulfilled in your work—we invite you to give us a few days! If you’re employed elsewhere, take some time off and come to work with us for up to a week. We will pay you $35/hr. for that week to come in and see how we stack up against your current position.

We don’t make promises we can’t keep. When we say we have a great culture, you’ll get the opportunity to experience that by working with our exceptional long-term employees who are satisfied with their jobs. If we’re not a good match, then nobody has to know that you stepped foot in our practice. If you like us and we like you, we guarantee that we will match or beat your current compensation package.

Our Offer

  • Above-average compensation
  • Gold-level medical insurance including dental, vision, and mental health
  • Paid time off
  • Paid sick days
  • Generous pet care policy
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Continuing education stipend
  • Paid dues and professional membership fees
  • Gym membership

Why Aqueduct Animal Hospital?

  • A new 14,000 sq. ft facility that is designed for staff, client, and patient comfort.
  • No drama policy. Our team enjoys learning and growth, and we quickly weed out toxic people.
  • Proactive management. We check in regularly with our staff members to sort out issues before they become a problem.
  • We are passionate about patient care and also about getting along as a team so we can work towards a common goal: helping pets have longer, healthier lives.
  • We’re grown-ups—but fun.

Ready To Give Us A Try?

We’re looking for the right technician, and we’re willing to show you that we’re the best practice for you, no strings attached. So there’s nothing to lose—except maybe your corporate overlords, feelings of burn out, or anxiety over the lack of support you’re getting at work.

Send an email with your current resume to Dr. Matt Pike – and let’s talk!