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Matthew Pike, Owner

Matthew Pike, Owner

Matthew Pike, Owner


Dr. Pike first became interested in veterinary medicine after a veterinarian treated his sick dachshund puppy when he was 16. He started volunteering at the veterinary clinic later that year and eventually worked his way into an assistant position while in college. 

After graduating from SUNY Geneseo, he moved to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine. In 2009, Dr. Pike purchased the Aqueduct Animal Hospital from Dr. Rapp. Since purchasing the practice, Dr. Pike made several improvements to the original facility, patient care, monitoring, and senior care on Balltown Rd. in Niskayuna. After years of battling the town to make major facility improvements, Dr. Pike purchased our current location in Rexford. After studying hospital design, he renovated the new facility into a modern animal hospital where dogs and cats can receive advanced medical, surgical, and dental care in a safe and comfortable location. He spearheaded advanced air filtration before the pandemic, which kept his staff healthy and our clients safe while being able to be present in the hospital with their pets. He designed the dog kennel and cat boarding to house animals comfortably long term, while maintaining their emotional and physical health. He added advanced cleaning systems that can sterilize the entire hospital when necessary. His vision was to design a “cat hospital next to a dog hospital”, where cats and dogs don’t have to be housed near each other. Dr. Pike’s wife Courtney added the finishing touches with design elements, color, and texture that are comfortable for our clients and patients.

His professional interests include small animal medicine, dentistry, dermatology, soft tissue surgery, behavior, and developing leaders within the practice.  Dr. Pike lives in Ballston Spa with his wife, son, three cats, and a dog. On May 31, 2013, Dr. and Mrs. Pike welcomed their first daughter, Sophie Quinn and on June 4, 2015, they welcomed their youngest daughter, Isabel Grace. When he’s not at the office, he enjoys spending time with his wife and family, watching the NFL. He enjoys bowling. has been spotted on several golf courses hunting for his ball in the rough and the woods.