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Jenifre McConnell

Jenifre McConnell

Jenifre McConnell


Dr. McConnell grew up in a small town in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey. As a child she was always drawn to animals both wild and domesticated and would often bring home and try to help injured animals, much to her mother’s dismay. During her mid-twenties she moved to North Carolina where she completed her bachelor’s degree of science at UNC- Wilmington and then completed her doctorate of veterinary medicine at NSCU- Raleigh.   

While attending NCSU CVM, the curriculum focused mostly on small animal medicine but Dr McConnell took every opportunity to learn about avian and exotic medicine as well. During her senior year, she devoted all her time off to traveling around the country completing externships offered by numerous avian and exotic veterinarians.   

Dr. McConnell enjoys small animal medicine, soft tissue surgeries, dentistry and medically managing pets in general. Although she is not board certified, she is comfortable and enjoys working with most avian and exotic species.